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Selling on Kopaland is quick and simple. Millions of people from all over the world turn their unwanted items into extra cash by selling with us.

Sell on Kopaland

Selling on Kopaland allows you to reach tens of millions of shoppers on Whether you’re selling one item or millions.

Fulfilment by Kopaland

FBK is a logistics and fulfillment solution in which Kopaland picks, packs and delivers your goods to the end customer.

Seller Benefits

When you sell on Kopaland, your products are easier to find and easier to buy.

  1.  Sell your products to millions of Kopaland shoppers.
  2. Sell on all of Kopaland’s Marketplaces & manage from a single seller account.
  3. Kopaland picks, packs and ships your goods to final customers and also handles returns.

Give selling a go

Sometimes, the best way to learn is to go ahead and do something. If you've got the items you want to sell in front of you, why not start a new listing?

One of the world’s largest marketplaces

Kopaland has millions of buyers, so there's a great chance you'll find a buyer for your item.
With that many shoppers, you've got a great chance of finding someone who wants what you've to got sell.

Selling with us is easy

With our easy-to-use tools, you can be selling while you're waiting for the kettle to boil.

  1.  Snap a photo of your item and write a good description. We walk you through the steps.
  2. Get paid fast. When your item sells, we make it easy for buyers to pay you.
  3. Box up your item and say farewell. You made a sale!

You can sell almost anything

From Penny Black stamps to the latest smartphones, there's space for it on Kopaland.

Getting started

We’ll get you up and running in no time. If you’ve bought something on Kopaland before, all we need to do is confirm a few extra details.

Instructions for new sellers

It doesn’t cost a thing to set up an Kopaland account. And it’s so quick and easy, you can do it while you’re waiting for the kettle to boil.

How to register

Registering for a Kopaland selling account is quick, easy and free. If you’ve bought something with us in the past, you can use the same account and all you’ll need to do is confirm a few extra details.
And when you’re ready to start selling, we’ll guide you every step of the way.

Seller protection

Most sales on Kopaland happen without a hitch. For the times when something does go wrong, we’re here to protect you.

Read how automatic protection, Kopaland Money Back Guarantee and customer services help make our marketplace a safe and trusted place to sell.




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