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How buying works

There are two ways to buy on Kopaland. You can buy either as an account holder or as a guest.

Buying as a guest

You can shop for most things on Kopaland even if you haven't registered for an account, but you'll miss out on the benefits of being a member.

When you buy as a guest on Kopaland, you can still shop, track your purchases, and return items you've bought, but you won't be able to use My Kopaland to keep track of your activity, message other members, or make money by selling your items.

When you select click on the basket icon on the collections page or select Add to Cart, you agree to pay the seller's asking price, and can go straight to the checkout page to complete your purchase. 

How to buy as a guest on Kopaland

To buy as a guest, select Add to Cart. You'll have to fill in your delivery address, email address, and payment information. For most transactions, you'll have to use PayPal or a credit or debit card.

Your guest order confirmation email

When you buy an item as a guest, we'll send you a guest order confirmation email. This email has all of your order details, and you can use it to track your order, or to start a return if you need to send your item back.

Tracking an order as a guest

If your seller is sending your item using a tracked delivery service, you can follow your item's progress all the way to your delivery address.

Here’s how to track your order as a guest:

  1. Find your Kopaland guest order confirmation email.
  2. Select View order details.
  3. Select the tracking number.
  4. You'll see a delivery status bar with a delivery company, tracking number and the item's current location.

Cancel an order

To cancel an order – you'll need to contact the seller and ask them to cancel it for you.

Resolving Buying Problems

Most purchases are covered under the Kopaland Money Back Guarantee. If you didn't get your item, we'll make sure you either get your money back or receive a replacement.

Return an item for a refund

If your item arrives damaged, doesn’t match the listing description, or is the wrong item, you can return it for a refund. If you've changed your mind and want to send it back, you can ask the seller if they'll accept a return.




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