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Money Back Guarantee

We promise your money back if the item you received is not as described, or if your item is not delivered within the Buyer Protection period. You can get a refund 15 days after the claim process finishes. This guarantee is in addition to and does not limit your statutory rights as a consumer, as granted by all mandatory laws and regulations applicable in your country of residence. Terms & Conditions

  1.  Contact Seller: Go to your order history and select the item. Discuss the issue with the seller and see possible solutions.
  2. Apply for Refund: If you can't come to an amicable agreement after contacting the seller, simply raise a claim by opening a dispute within 15 days following the delivery of your order or the end of the package receipt confirmation period.
  3. Get Money Back in 15 Days: Most sellers will return your money in 15 days, however; if it's not resolved, you can contact Kopaland from the order detail page to escalate your dispute.

Free Return

Sellers that offer 'Free Return' service will have it mentioned on the product detail page or will inform you when you contact them. With 'Free Return' service, you get an extra 15 days (on top of the on-time delivery date) to decide if you want to keep or return the item for any reason, as long as they are unused, unwashed and in their original condition – complete with the original packaging, tags, etc. It's easy and fast:

You could return items locally and easily: Get the return code or the return label, Go to the designated logistics company's service point to complete the return and wait for the local warehouse to receive your returned parcel.
Remember to mention 'Return Goods" while opening the dispute.

Refund will be made to you once we confirm receipt of your returned parcel which meet the conditions for reimbursement.
Items will be processed at a local warehouse, instead of being sent back to the seller’s country of origin.

Service Scope
Not all countries on Kopaland include the Free Return service. At present, supported countries include the mainland territories of the United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, France, Spain, Germany and Russia.
In addition, not all products on include the Free Return service. The seller can choose whether or not to offer this extra service. Sellers that offer the Free Return service will have have it mentioned on on their product details page confirming this service is available.

Return Shipment Fee
It is free for you to return the parcel to the designated local return address.
Note: You can only enjoy a one-time free local return for one order. If you initiate multiple return requests under an order, you can only enjoy the free local return service once, and other return requests can still enjoy local return service but you will have to cover the return shipping costs to the designated local return address. Therefore, please consider returning the products jointly to avoid paying that additional shipping cost.

Local Return

 You can enjoy our Free Return service within 30 days of receipt of delivery.

 Sellers that offer 'Local Return' service will have the above 'Local Return' on their item details page. With 'Local Return' service, you could get an extra 15 days (on top of the on-time delivery date) to decide if you want to keep or return the item without any reason.

Service Scope
Sellers can choose to offer this extra service, and will often do so if they are using a warehouse that is located in your country.
At present, this service is limited to products from participating Italian sellers only.

Conditions for Submitting Refund Requests
The item must belong to one of the following categories: Home & Garden, Men's Clothing, Mother & Kids, Apparel & Accessories, Sports & Entertainment, Luggage & Bags, Jewelry & Accessories, Women's Clothing or Shoes.
The products have not been used.
The item is in perfect condition and in its original packaging.

Return Shipment Fee
The return shipping costs to the designated local return address are borne by the buyer except the seller decides doing so.

Statutory rights

 The seller must comply with other relevant legal requirements (warranty, return, etc.) that may be applicable depending on your location as buyer. For instance, in most EU countries you will generally have a 2-year legal conformity warranty and a 14-day right to return (please note that in case of return, the buyer must bear the cost of returning the products to the seller).


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